KURMIS granules 500g

Sewer pipe cleaner.

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KURMIS is a granular, highly concentrated agent for the prevention and cleaning of sewer pipes.

Product benefits:

Highly concentrated product
Convenient application
Clearing blockages
Blockage prevention
Eliminates unpleasant odors
Quick action
Biodegradable product



KURMUS granules highly concentrated product for unblocking clogged drain pipes in washbasins, toilet bowls or shower trays. The granules work thoroughly and efficiently and do not damage the sewer pipes.
KURMIS granules is ready to use. Removes the toughest dirt in sewers and drains, dissolves food residues, grease, hair, paper and any other organic blockages. Eliminates unpleasant odors caused by stagnant water.
Apply KURMIS granules regularly to prevent blockages and eliminate unpleasant odors!

Where applicable:

A professional product used in everyday life and professional cleaning.

Surfaces to clean:

KURMIS granules are safe to use for all types of pipes.

Good to know:

KURMIS is widely used in cafes, restaurants and food industries, not only for cleaning sewer pipes, but also for cleaning fat traps.

Regularly treating sewer and storm sewers to remove unpleasant odors caused by stagnant water.

If the drains are heavily clogged, you can leave the KURMIS in the drain overnight, rinse the drain with water in the morning.


The product is ready to use. Carefully pour 50 grams of granules into the drain of a sink, bath or toilet bowl, pour a glass of water, leave for 2 hours or overnight. Rinse with copious amounts of water. For prevention, this operation should be performed 1-2 times a month. Store in tightly closed containers. Shelf life in undamaged packaging is not limited.

* Composition: 99% sodium hydroxide.
* Shelf life: not limited.

Eco-friendly product. Biodegradable according to EU regulation EC 648/2004, EC 907/2006 and EC 1336/2008.


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