Clean, fresh, white
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Purity with a fresh scent
Purity with a fresh scent
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Sadzīves Ķīmijas Institūts researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of modern detergents and disinfectants, abrasive cleaning pastes and other essential household chemicals.
The main goal of our work is to create economical and effective cleaning products for both private households and professional consumers: in production, transport, social facilities, including in the hospitality, education, healthcare, and public catering industries.
Today it is a wide range of products that have earned the love and recognition of the population not only in Latvia, but also abroad. The principles of our work: modern technology, efficient production, quality and cost-effectiveness of products, care for human ecology and the environment.

Time-tested values and high efficiency!

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# 1 choice of industry experts

Environmentally conscious production and products

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Professional quality

Your best home helper

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Popular goods

BELIZNA is an effective solution for disinfection and cleaning of your home

ELBA – For washing and cleaning rust and limestone effortlessly

ORANGE – abrasive cleaning cream-paste for painters and mechanics with orange oil

TERPENOL – a universal disinfectant and detergent with natural pine oil

SKUDRA – professional cleaning of grease, carbon deposits, oils and other contaminants

KURMIS – a reliable tool for cleaning and preventing blockages of sewer pipes

Useful information and tips

It is important to disinfect your home to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infections.


The cleanliness and health of your home is the key to the health and well-being of your family.

How to properly disinfect hygiene items and the habitat of pets.

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