Abrasive Alkaline Household Paste

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CITRUSS – Abrasive alkaline household paste with lemon flavor.

Product benefits:

Original formula
Alkaline composition
Soft abrasive
Citrus scent
Contains glycerin
No dyes
Recycled packaging
Biodegradable product
The choice of professionals

Purity with a fresh scent.


CITRUSS is an abrasive cleaning paste with a pleasant lemon scent for cleaning dishes, sinks, tiles, floor coverings and other waterproof hard surfaces. Suitable for cleaning grease and car oils. Especially effective for cleaning hard porous surfaces.
Easily and effectively removes suds, stuck-on dirt, grease and grime for a flawlessly clean and shiny surface quickly and effortlessly.
Works throughout the house as well as in the garden, including garden furniture. The original formula is developed according to world standards and technologies. A mild abrasive and specially formulated composition of surface active ingredients cleans, protects and polishes the surface. Contains glycerin for hand skin care.

Where applicable:

Designed for professional cleaning and home cleaning.
Widely used in municipal facilities such as kindergartens, hospitals and other public facilities.
An irreplaceable assistant in restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Surfaces to clean:

CITRUSS is used for cleaning utensils, sinks, tiles, acrylic surfaces, natural stone, floor coverings and other waterproof hard surfaces. Suitable for cleaning grease, carbon deposits and automotive oils.

Good to know:

Easily and effortlessly cleans burn-in in pans and pots.

Removes scuff marks and permanent marker from ceramic tiles, laminate, linoleum and walls.

Cleans the joints between ceramic floor tiles.


The product is ready to use.

Rub several times over the paste with a damp microfiber cloth or sponge. Rub the paste onto the surface to be cleaned. Rinse off with water.
For more complex jobs, use more paste to further improve cleaning performance.

1. Keep container tightly closed at room temperature.
2. When dry it retains its properties.

* Composition: anionic surfactant ≤ 5%, abrasive fillers, water, perfume.
* Shelf life: 3 years.

Eco-friendly product. Biodegradable according to EU regulation EC 648/2004, EC 907/2006 and EC 1336/2008.


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